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Power stabilizer and regulator to ensure constant power supply and optimal performance for the Trackimo device.
To be used for continuous charging of the Trackimo Universal tracker and Trackimo 3G tracker
Best suitable for: Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycle, ATV, construction and heavy equipment, golf carts and more.
Input voltage range: 8v - 35v
Can be “hard wired” to a car 12V plus and minus supply line
Including safety fuse to protect the car and the device.
Micro USB plug wire length: 18 Inches
DC voltage input wires length: 4 Inches (can be easily extended by user)
Fuse: No Fuse
Output: 5V / 3A micro USB connector
Important: Do not use other (non Trackimo) 12v to Micro USB chargers. They are not 3A rated and are not heat rated to be inside a car that is under the sun, generating hot boiling temperature. Other "non Trackimo" power supply/chargers may melt due to overheat & extreme temperature, damage the connector and the tracker, voiding the Trackimo warranty.

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