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Trackimo is the leading GPS tracker used by UPS, Vodafone, US military, multiple law enforcement, and government agencies. 

Waterproof box houses the Trackimo 4G tracking device with a battery of 3500mAh (replacing the built in of 600mAh) basically 6 times battery life (up to 21 days in live tracking mode).

The box is very strong and has a very strong magnet attached to it and also special slots (can be seen beside the magnet) to hook it to farm animal belt, cargo, shipments, outboard boat engine, or expensive mobile construction equipment.

For more info about the actual 4G GPS tracker, click:  4G tracking device

If tracking once an hour or once a day is frequent enough, Trackimo has a special software that can make the 3500mAH battery last up to 12 months.

   Device price: $238.99   $138.90
 Magnetic box +power back $59.95
1 year worldwide cell service: $60 

Total price:$ 348.97   Now: $258.85    

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 Get Trackimo tracker now! Keep your valuables & loved ones safe   

What is so unique about Trackimo?  A reliable tracker that actually works

World leader GPS tracker used by Vodafone, Telefonica, UPS, US Army

Proprietary Patented technology + 4G, 3G, and 2G coverage, making it amazingly versatile. Easy to use, works out-of-the-box worldwide both indoors and outdoors. 

Tracks suitcase, vehicles, equipment, shipments, drones, people, and more. 

Motion alert, speed alert, geofence crossing alert, and SOS panic button

Faster more expensive CPUs, new GPS chip drains 50% less battery.

30 days money back guarantee, live customer support: 1-800 888 7799

Battery last up to 30 days, 1 year with extra batt in battery save mode.  

4 tracking modules, indoors and outdoors: GPS, A-GPS, LTE-GSM, Wi-Fi.

Trackimo works for unlimited distance. Don’t be fooled by Bluetooth trackers like: Tile & TrackR who falsely claim to be GPS but will work for 50 feet only. 


  • Cost-effective solution to surveillance operations, cheaper than having the vehicle physically followed by a detective.
  • Monthly price: Only $5 per month, other trackers charge $25-$45 per month
  • Discretion: an ideal solution for when an investigation is so sensitive that a PI cannot follow the vehicle without fear of detection.
  • Reliability: A clever driver or heavy traffic can cause a detective to lose sight of a target, but a GPS tracker reliably sticks to the target.
  • ROI: Get a return on your investment in few days. 


  • Item Dimension: 63mm x 58.5mm x 42.5mm
  • Item Weight: 150g
  • Battery: 3500mAh Li-Ion Battery 
  • Battery life:up to 21 days or up to 1 year in batt save mode
  • Battery life depends on ping rate and cell signal strength
  • Product Warranty: 1 Year


See independent Trackimo magnetic waterproof box video review 

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What's in the box

  • Waterproof box with magnet
  • Power Pack 3500mAh battery
  • Trackimo universal 4G tracker 
  • Tracker accessories and attachments

How to use

  • Remove the battery cover and the 600mAh that comes with the Universal Trackimo and plug the 3500mAh battery into the Trackimo.
  • Power pack must be placed on the magnet side.
  • Charge the 3500mAh battery for 13 hours the first time. Place it in the waterproof box and snap the lock tightly. You should hear a strong click sound.
  • When using the 4G Universal tracker, there are settings that can change the tracking to once a day, extending the battery life for up to 12 months. 

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