Never Lose Your Precious Things

Trackimo allows you to track anything, anyone, anytime anywhere in the world

Never Lose Your Precious Things

Trackimo allows you to track anything, anyone, anytime anywhere in the world

  • Locate your children, pets, or elderly at any given time
  • Track your vehicles, motorcycles, boat drone & valuables
  • Follow up and trace lost luggage for unlimited distance
  • Alerts: SOS, speed, move, fence crossing
  • Patented technology + Worldwide coverage
  • Free shipping + Phone & chat support
  • 30 Days money back guarantee

Our Customers

Some of the World's Biggest companies and etities rely on Trackimo as their Trusted GPS Device

US Army

Trackimo gives you Peace of Mind

What is Trackimo? Trackimo® is an intelligent, GPS-GSM tiny device allowing you to find & track your precious things, see exactly where they are, automatically alert when sensing distress signals.

Trackimo is a 3G real-time GPS tracking device & platform that is used to track, get alerts and keep safe everything that lives or moves: Kids, elderly, dogs, cars, motorcycles, equipment, drones, boats, shipments, luggage etc. Trackimo is patented, works worldwide and for unlimited distance. Trackimo also has panic button to send SOS alerts.

Peace - Safety - Security. No more wrecked nerves. No more calling a phone that won't pick up. No more mystery. With Trackimo you can always keep an eye on your precious things. Use Trackimo for any tracking or emergency alerts purposes. Trackimo gives you a peace of mind.

Don't waste time and energy looking for stolen, misplaced or lost items. Trackimo will solve those issues. Keep tabs on your most important items. Simply attach to the thing you want to track, then view it on iPhone, Android or desktop apps to see the pinpoint location ins real time, anywhere worldwide.

What is so Unique about Trackimo?

Trackimo 3G Guardian GPS Tracker is including SIM card loaded with 1 year international worldwide cellular service. Device is working out of the box easy to use, up and running within minutes.

  • A GPS tracker that actually works. Using proprietary Patented technology + 3G coverage, others use only 2G.
  • 4 different technologies to accurately Locate anything Worldwide, indoor and outdoor: GPS, A-GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi.
  • Faster more expensive CPUs, GPS chip drain 50% less battery.
  • Robust hardware & software, latest technology ceramic antennas
  • Battery last up to 30 days in battery save mode.
  • Trackimo works out of the box worldwide, no roaming charges.

Safe Zone Notification

Get Alert when your precious things go outside a Safe Zone

See where your children, pets, elderly loved ones or your valuables are with our sophisticated mapping system that automatically sends smart alerts whenever they crossed out of a pre-selected fenced area.

Speed Alert Notification

Get notified when your teen driver or employee is over speeding.

or Get SOS alerts after panic button pressed by a falling grandma.

Recover Lost Item

Locate your lost flyaway drone or stolen properties

Prevent Theft with Moving Alert

Get notified when your valuable is tempered with and moving.

Peace of Mind while Traveling

Relax, know your Luggage is always with you, find it if it gets lost

Can Be Applied In Many Situations

Get notified when a device goes in or out of a zafe zone

Don't be fooled by Bluetooth trackers

Trackimo works for unlimited distance. Don't be confused/fooled by Bluetooth trackers like: Tile & TrackR who falsely claim to use GPS tracking, they only use Bluetooth, are only good to find your keys at home and will works for 50 feet only.

How Does Trackimo Work

Locate anything anywhere in the World in 3 Simple Steps


Step 1

Login to our online portal or download the app for iOS/Android


Step 2

Activate Trackimo by following our 15 secs activation process


Step 3

Attach your Trackimo 3G Guardian to your pet or antything you wish to locate

1,000's Customers Can't be Wrong

Trackimo is the best rated GPS Tracking Device in the World. Watch the video testimonials.

Trusted by Celebrities

Jordin Sparks

Grammy winning recording artist

Chuck Liddel

UFC Star


Grammy winning song writer

Get Your Trackimo Today!

Locate anything in seconds using your Phone

Guardian 3G Worldwide GPS Tracker

New Trackimo 3G Guardian Tracker device

Device price: $238.99 $138.90

1 year world cell service: $60

Total price: $298.99 $198.90

Save $100.09

Includes 12 months cell service

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  • Locate your loved children, pets or elderly
  • Track your vehicles, boat, drone, valuables
  • Worldwide indoor + outdoor GPS tracking
  • Live tracking: route, speed, panic, history
  • Alerts: SOS, speed, move, fence crossing
  • Patented technology + 3G GSM coverage
  • Free shipping + Phone & chat support
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
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